Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Nolvadex is a drug that is used as a protection and treatment of breast cancer, especially among women. However, due to the nature of this drug in the prevention of tumor growth, it has also been widely known as a popular first line of defense against the condition described by the abnormal breast enlargement. Many bodybuilders who use steroids, are at high risk of gynocomastia why many athletes to use Nolvadex for prevention. Nolvadex is used as part of their cycle after, so that the effects of steroids be reduced or eliminated.

The drug Nolvadex is an oral preparation which can be classified as an estrogen antagonist or an anti-estrogen drugs. However, if you look deeper into it's natural functions it usually acts more like antagaonist estrogen. The drug Nolvadex, competing with estrogen in the achievement of active tumor receptor. As you may have guessed, breast cancer and tumors are fed by estrogen. To reduce these tumors, which should be done to prevent the hormones from binding to the active sites. This is where the drug Nolvadex have been designed for. Once it binds to the cell receptors, it will do nothing, so that the growth of the tumor is stopped. The good thing about Nolvadex is that it does not suppress the production of estrogen hormones, so that other parts of the body can still benefit from it. Remember, that estrogen also plays other important roles to save and other operating systems. Without this important hormone other complications may arise. Therefore, aromatase inhibitors were not as prevalent as Nolvadex because it suppresses estrogen and causes other problems.

Although this drug has been used for many years, it was prescribed by doctors, because it is the safest option is the most effective treatment for hormone receptive positive breast cancer. When we speak about a hormone receptive,  with sure it basically means that the tumor is fed by estrogen. Compete with the female hormone, Nolvadex can inhibit tumor growth, since it binds to the cell receptors before the estrogen receptor reaches. And we say that Nolvadex is the most reliable and safe drug, because it does not suppress the production of estrogen. Remember, that estrogen also plays other important roles in the body, their absence can contribute to dangerous side effects. In fact, without reducing the quality of life of estrogen plus it increases the risk of other diseases. That is why aromatase inhibitor drugs are rarely prescribed, if breast cancer is hormone receptive negative tumors.

Another property of the treatment is that Nolvadex can be effectively used for steroid cycle. nolvadex pctGetting a post cycle therapy (PCT) going primarily involves helping the body resume it's production of normal testosterone levels. Using Nolvadex steroid cycles is not necessary for people who use steroids because selective hormone receptor modulator Nolvadex property allows them to have a supply of natural testosterone. Nolvadex steroid cycle allows them to focus on the production of testosterone, since the natural production of testosterone in the application of anabolic steroids in fact does not exist.